Episode 14: D-Mom Mila Ferrer

Mila Ferrer is the community manager for our Spanish-language community EsTuDiabetes.org. She blogs at Jaime, Mi Dulce Guerrero. And her son Jaime lives with type 1 diabetes. In this episode Corinna and Mike discuss how diabetes can become a challenge for families, and we play an interview from our archives with Mila Ferrer.

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Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Episode 10: Dealing With Diabetes Burnout

Diabetes burnout is real. This week Corinna and Mike discuss their experiences with burnout and we play an interview we did with Author Ginger Vieira. Ginger wrote the book Dealing With Diabetes Burnout: How to recharge and get back on track when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed living with diabetes. Her book is an inspiring and empowering guide to managing the daily work and pressure of diabetes management.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Episode 8: Searching For The Cure

This week Corinna and Mike talk about some of the research that Dr. Michael Haller is doing through TrialNet. Haller’s work has focused on genetics, environment, prevention and cure. They also discuss why “prevention” is sometimes seen as a dirty word and analyze Haller’s optimistic and hopeful yet also realistic look at the race toward a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Some links discussed in this episode:

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Advances in glucagon with Locemia Solutions

Locemia Solutions is a Canadian-based pharmaceutical development company, which sole focus is on innovating the rescue treatment of severe hypoglycemia. The team at Locemia is working on providing people with diabetes and those that touch their lives, with a simple, needle-free glucagon rescue product for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia, which would be easy to teach, easy to carry and easy to use – helping to expand the number of people who feel confident in dealing with the unpredictability of hypoglycemia, and providing peace of mind for people who use insulin every day. Locemia’s passion and promise – driven by its members personal involvement and investment in the diabetes community – is to fill an unmet need through innovation, awareness and empowerment—rooted in needle-free simplicity,  for everyone to be able to help anyone—quickly and easily— deal with severe low blood sugar.

Episode 7: Physical Activity & Diabetes

This week we tackle an old topic that we can always say more about: Physical Activity and Diabetes. Corinna and Mike attempt to talk about more than just a “go exercise” command because they both know they need to add physical activity to their lives. But what’s stopping them?

We play an interview we did through a collaboration with American Diabetes Association and the National Diabetes Program. Dr. Ronny A. Bell, PhD, Dr. Magon M. Saunders, PhD and Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz de Valdez, MD talk about physical activity and the mental benefits people with diabetes receive.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Episode 3: Adventure

This week we talk about ADVENTURE and we play an interview we did with Erin Spineto who is the founder of the Sea Peptide Academy and the authro of Islands and Insulin: A Diabetic Sailor’s Memoir.

After talking about our own commitments to start adventure, Corinna and Mike play the interview with Spineto who talks about the step-by-step guide that she’s launching that will help people choose, plan and execute an adventure and will hopefully also alleviate the stress that comes with diabetes.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Episode 2: Sierra Sandison Miss Idaho 2014

During this episode Corinna Cornejo (type 2) and Mike Lawson (type 1) talk about Miss Idaho 2014 Sierra Sandison’s new book Sugar Linings: Finding The Bright Side Of Type 1 Diabetes as well as the value we see in spokespeople with diabetes.

Then we played an interview with Sierra Sandison where we talk about what “beauty” means and how people #ShowMeYourPump has inspired people to be out and proud about their chronic conditions.

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Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Live interview with former NFL player Kendall Simmons, T1D

Kendall Simmons is a former NFL® player who played nearly 10 years after being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers® as the 30th overall pick in 2002. Shortly before his second season began in 2003, Simmons was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was not sure if he would be able to continue his football career. With the help of team doctors and a strong support network, Simmons returned to the field that same year. As he learned to manage his diabetes, he regained his strength and flourished on the football field. In 2005, he started all 16 regular season games and all 4 playoff games with the Pittsburgh Steelers®, winning Super Bowl® XL over the Seattle Seahawks®. Today, Kendall has partnered with Novo Nordisk, a global health care company dedicated to diabetes care, to raise awareness of the importance of properly managing blood glucose levels and to demonstrate that diabetes can be successfully integrated into your life and ambitions. Kendall is participating in the 16th Annual Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference in Orlando to help show kids that diabetes doesn’t have to stand in the way of pursuing their dreams.

Episode 1: Advocacy

This is the first episode of Everybody Talks: A Diabetes Hands Foundation Podcast. Each week we publish a conversation between Mike Lawson who lives with type 1 diabetes and Corinna Cornejo who lives with type 2 diabetes. The topics revolve around things that are important to people touched by diabetes and include interviews from our archive from experts in these fields.

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Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Live interview with Gary Scheiner, CDE

Bring your toughest diabetes questions!! Gary is up for a challenge.

Gary is a certified diabetes educator, insulin-pump and continuous glucose monitor user and trainer, and Masters-level exercise physiologist. He serves on the advisory boards of several diabetes device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies; volunteers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association, American Diabetes Association, and Setebaid diabetes camps; and serves on the faculty of Children With Diabetes. Gary teaches and art and science of blood-glucose balancing to people with diabetes throughout the world from his private practice, Integrated Diabetes Services as well as through his online school of higher learning for insulin users, Type 1 University.

Join us on the homepage of TuDiabetes for a live presentation and question-and-answer session with 
Gary Scheiner, founder of 
Integrated Diabetes Services and author of 
Think Like a Pancreas, 
The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting, and now Until there is a Cure: the Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care.

This event is generously sponsored by BD Medical – Diabetes Care

TuDiabetes Live Interview Dr. Carla Greenbaum, Director of the T1D Exchange Bioban

Carla J. Greenbaum, M.D., is a Member of the Benaroya Research Institute, where she serves as the Director of the BRI Diabetes Program and the Clinical Research Center, and is on the Institutional Review Board. She received her undergraduate and medical degrees at Brown University and completed her endocrinology fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Greenbaum is a clinical investigator with a focus on the natural history of type 1 diabetes, specifically with prediction of disease and interventions to alter immune mediated beta cell function. She has conducted studies evaluating beta cell function and other physiologic and immune changes that occur during the progression of the natural history of type 1 diabetes.
In addition to clinical trials, she works to facilitate translational research initiatives locally and nationally. Her considerable expertise includes clinical trial design and implementation, and evaluation of biomarkers for disease course and response to therapy. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet, an NIH sponsored international consortium to conduct multiple clinical trials in type 1 diabetes and will assume the position of Chair in 2015. In addition she heads up the HUB project, designed to work collaboratively with the Chairman’s office, clinical sites and the TNCC to identify and implement sustainable and scalable processes and improvements within the TrialNet consortium and is the PI for the Northwest Clinical Site. In this role, she is responsible for protocol development and clinical issues study wide. She is also involved with clinical trials with the NIH sponsored Immune Tolerance Network and the Diabetes Vaccine Development Center in Australia, as well as Phase I/II pharmaceutical trials.
She was appointed director of the Biobank Operations Center of the T1D Exchange, a national consortium sponsored by the Helmsley Trust. This registry and repository will facilitate the use of biological samples from T1D patients by qualified investigators in industry and academia.
Dr. Greenbaum is a member of the University of Washington’s CTSA leadership group. She serves on various national and international scientific review committees focusing on clinical and translational research. Currently, Dr. Greenbaum is on the Board of Directors of the Benaroya Research Institute.

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