Episode 30: Find (Y)Our Voice

We revisit the keynote from MasterLab 2015 in this episode. Based on 25+ years of professional and personal experience, Tom Boyer shares his perspective on how to find our individual and collective voice as diabetes patient advocates.

MasterLab 2016 is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th in Orlando, FL. To find out more about  the conference and available diabetes patient advocate scholarships visit: http://diabetesadvocates.org/masterlab-2016/. 


Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 29: Marriage with diabetes

In this episode, we return to the topic of relationships. Highlighting an interview with Chris and Lorraine Stiehl this podcast focuses on marriage with diabetes in the mix. Chris has been living with diabetes for more than 50 years. He and Lorraine have been married for more than 30 of those years. Together they encourage everyone with diabetes to realize they can do and be whatever they want, and share what’s worked for them in their partnership.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 28: Diabetes at SXSW

Diabetes made an appearance at the SXSW Interactive Festival last week in a panel called “Smashing ‘One Size Fits All’ Diabetes Care At Last.” Scott Johnson shares his thoughts about and reflections on being part of this panel. Also on the panel were Dr. Justin Wright of Lilly, Kelly Close of the diaTribe Foundation, and Manny Hernandez of Livongo Health.

Medical technology, also referred to as medtech, promises to make massive amounts of data available to the individual about his or her state of health. It might even enable individualized management of chronic conditions like diabetes, moving us away from a one-size-fits-all approach. This is the starting point for this episode where Scott and Corinna touch on the promise of more real-time health data, data overwhelm, the need for training to understand the data, CGMs, patient access, putting people first, and more.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 27: Relationships with diabetes

Relationships with diabetes? Or diabetes in relationships? Which is it?

In this episode Corinna and Scott talk about diabetes’ effect on their personal relationships. And we play highlights from a recent interview with Daniele Hargenrader, a.k.a. The Diabetes Dominator, on this topic.

Every personal relationship can feel the effect of diabetes, not just romantic relationships. But also family relationships, work relationships, and social relationships. What are the keys to keeping these relationships healthy and helpful? Listen as we share some ideas.

You can hear the complete interview with Daniele Hargenrader here: http://www.tudiabetes.org/video/diabetes-in-relationships-with-daniele-hargenrader/.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 26: ViaCyte, a functional cure for Type 1 diabetes?

ViaCyte‘s President and CEO Dr. Paul K. Laikind, PhD describes the “stem cell derived islet replacement therapy” they are currently taking through clinical trials. In this episode of Everybody Talks Corinna Cornejo and Scott Johnson talk about the excitement surrounding what’s being characterized as a “functional cure” for Type 1 diabetes and asking some serious questions. What’s the tipping point for being willing to undergo stem cell implantation like the procedure ViaCyte is testing? Does this really sound like a cure or is it something else?

ViaCyte is a privately-held regenerative medicine company focused on developing a cell replacement therapy for the treatment of diabetes.  Currently, ViaCyte is conducting a Phase 1/2 clinical trial of the company’s lead VC-01 product candidate in patients with type 1 diabetes who have minimal to no insulin-producing beta cell function. Meanwhile, Vox Pop Films is documenting this process and producing the documentary film The Human Trial.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 25: Spare a Rose, Save a Child

In this special episode Corinna Cornejo speaks with Scott Johnson about the genesis of Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

You may know Scott as the US Communications Lead for MySugr or from his Scott’s Diabetes blog. He’s also a founding member of Partnering for Diabetes Change (also known as P4DC), the organization behind this annual fundraising campaign that supports the International Diabetes Federation‘s Life of a Child program.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day Spare A Rose, Save A Child asks you to consider giving your sweetheart one less rose and donating the cost of that bloom to the Spare A Rose, Save A Child campaign. By donating US$5 you will keep a child with diabetes in the developing world alive by supporting the International Diabetes Federation’s Life of a Child program. Commit to a recurring monthly donation of US$5 and you will keep a child alive for the whole year.

Go to www.SpareARose.org/give to donate via PayPal.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 24: Afrezza User

If every there was a rock star diabetes drug, Afrezza is it.

In this episode Corinna Cornejo speaks with Emily Coles about how the inhalable insulin Afrezza has captured the imagination of the diabetes patient community and its impact on the diabetes treatment landscape.

We also share highlights from a live interview with Sam Finta, aka AfrezzaUser. Sam spent years being as careful as possible and feeling like “giving up” on his diabetes. Severe depression and anxiety inspired him to seek better means of diabetes treatment. He was fortunate to obtain one of the last openings in MannKind’s Afrezza drug trial in Atlanta through Dr. Bruce Bode of the Atlanta Diabetes Center. Since then, Sam has provided honest, genuine, and truthful information about his experiences with Afrezza via social media ( on Yahoo message Boards, blogspots and others) .

You can find the complete interview with Sam Finta in our archives.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 23: D.I.Y. Pancreas System

Dana Lewis is one of the creators of the DIY Pancreas System, or DIYPS.

In this episode Corinna Cornejo and Mila Ferrer talk about the promise and perils DYIPS represents.

Diagnosed at age 14 with type 1, Dana Lewis had the usual experience of years of frustration of dealing with diabetes devices that did not communicate with each other. She often imagined a system that would take data from each device, run it through the algorithm that every person with diabetes uses in their head dozens (or hundreds) of times a day, and automate some of the decision-making process. In late 2013, this became a reality after someone shared their code to help pull data off of a CGM in real-time. Dana and her now-husband Scott Leibrand used the CGM data to create a decision-assist system they called #DIYPS, the “Do-It-Yourself Pancreas System”.

We share highlights from Emily Cole’s interview with Dana Lewis in this podcast. You can find the complete interview in the TuDiabetes archives..


Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 22: BE AWESOME

Only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Yikes! Here’s how you can be part of the 8%.

In this episode Corinna Cornejo and Sarah Edwards talk about Dr. Jody Stanislaw’s BE AWESOME formula — 9 principles for creating healthy habits that stick in the long run.

Dr. Jody Stanislaw received her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 2007 from one of the top holistic medical schools in the country, Bastyr University. She has had Type 1 diabetes herself for 35 years. Ever since her diagnosis at the age of 7, she has wanted to be a model for and help others live a healthy and vibrant life in spite of diabetes….and that is exactly what she does! She has helped people all over the country not only lower their A1c, and focuses on helping patients increase their energy and feel better overall.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 21: #dPodcastWeek

In this episode Corinna Cornejo speaks with Mike Hoskins about the upcoming #dPodcastWeek. Mike is the associate editor of Diabetes Mine and lives with Type 1. He’s written about the resurgence of podcasting in the DOC

Conceived by Stacey Simms, #dPodcastWeek will take place during the week of February 1, 2016. Diabetes podcasters will team up and spread the word about the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign. Spare a Rose asks people to buy one less rose for Valentine’s Day and make a donation to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program which provides insulin and supplies to children living with diabetes in the developing world.

If you are a diabetes podcaster who would like to participate in #dPodcastWeek send a message to DPodcastWeek@gmail.com. The deadline is Tuesday, January 12, 2016.

If you are a listener wanting to find out which diabetes podcasts are participating, keep an eye on #DPodcastWeek and look for announcements at Stacey Simms’ blog.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo


Episode 20: Words Matter in Diabetes

In this episode Corinna Cornejo and guest co-host Stephen Shaul (you may know his blog happy-medium.net or his Diabetes by the Numbers podcast) discuss how the words we use have an impact on the lives of people living with diabetes.

Emily Coles interviewed Jane K. Dickinson, a nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator, who has been living with type 1 diabetes for 40 years. In 1993 Jane gave her first talk on the importance of considering language when working with people who have diabetes, and she has been interested in the impact that words have on our diabetes experiences ever since. Jane oversees the (online) Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management Program at Teachers College Columbia University (www.tc.edu/diabetes) and incorporates discussions on using patient-centered and strengths-based language into each of the courses she teaches. Jane also provides diabetes education to patients, families, and health care professionals in northwest Colorado.

In March 2015 Jane began researching the effect of words on diabetes. In this live interview Jane will share the results of the focus groups she conducted, including the virtual focus group that was held here on tudiabetes. Jane’s own experience with words and diabetes, as well as her research  findings, have prepared her to work with diabetes professionals and patients alike. Jane’s goal is to help people adopt more empowering words when speaking or writing about diabetes and those who live with it.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo

Episode 19: Diabetes Distress

In this episode Corinna Cornejo and Sarah Edwards discuss Registered Dietitian Vai Jun Lam’s Master Chat on diabetes distress, how to identify it and respond effectively.

The chronic aspect of diabetes is not an easy pill to swallow.  The magnitude of its effects in an individual’s lifestyle can be both overwhelming and daunting, physically and emotionally.  Diabetes distress is the confluence of anxiety and depression that can result from the challenges of daily diabetes management.  This presentation aims to talk about the relationship between anxiety and diabetes management, as anxiety and stress go hand-in-hand and can potentially affect one’s quality of life.  In fact the combination of anxiety and diabetes can exacerbate symptoms, however signs of anxiety can often be overlooked by many people.  This presentation includes various helpful tips to manage anxiety along with diabetes, as well as ways to recognize anxiety in your own or a loved one’s life.

Based in Hong Kong, Vai Jun Lam (also known as VJ) is a registered dietitian who has worked with patients of multiple backgrounds and conditions.  Her areas of expertise include nutrition support and diabetes management.  After graduating from McGill University in Canada, she worked in a community center that focused on weight management for children.  For the past two years ago, she has been a founding part of a multidisciplinary diabetes care team in Hong Kong where she provides individual and group counseling in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Her great interest in diabetes led her to pursue a master’s degree at Teachers College Columbia University.


The Master Chat Series is an annual collaboration between TuDiabetes and Teacher’s College Columbia University’s Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management program.  This 36-credit inter-professional master’s program is offered to clinicians who are currently in or interested in the diabetes field. As part of a course requirement, students present ‘Master Chats’ on a variety of topics they have chosen based on discussions taking place in the TuDiabetes community. Master Chats include a short presentation followed by a Q and A, and are an opportunity not only for TuDiabetes members to learn from students in this program, but also to give feedback to them in an effort to help them be the best care-givers they can be!

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Corinna Cornejo