Episode 2: Sierra Sandison Miss Idaho 2014

During this episode Corinna Cornejo (type 2) and Mike Lawson (type 1) talk about Miss Idaho 2014 Sierra Sandison’s new book Sugar Linings: Finding The Bright Side Of Type 1 Diabetes as well as the value we see in spokespeople with diabetes.

Then we played an interview with Sierra Sandison where we talk about what “beauty” means and how people #ShowMeYourPump has inspired people to be out and proud about their chronic conditions.

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Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

TuDiabetes Live interview with Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014

Sierra Sandison was crowned Miss Idaho 2014 in July, and competed at Miss America on September 14th, winning the People’s Choice Award. She made a splash in the media for proudly wearing her insulin pump on stage during the competition. Her message, to both diabetics and non diabetics alike, is to show everyone that the beauty standards set for us by the media are unrealistic. We all have so-called “flaws” and deviations from the expectations society has for us–in her case, her insulin pump–but that’s okay! She is also very excited to use her newfound voice to spread much needed awareness about diabetes!

Sierra is 20 years old and currently studying business at the College of Southern Idaho. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in February 2012, at the age of 18. She loves to ski, snowboard, Crossfit, sing, play piano, and sail, and has only competed in pageants while in college (two years).

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