Episode 3: Adventure

This week we talk about ADVENTURE and we play an interview we did with Erin Spineto who is the founder of the Sea Peptide Academy and the authro of Islands and Insulin: A Diabetic Sailor’s Memoir.

After talking about our own commitments to start adventure, Corinna and Mike play the interview with Spineto who talks about the step-by-step guide that she’s launching that will help people choose, plan and execute an adventure and will hopefully also alleviate the stress that comes with diabetes.

Everybody Talks Diabetes Podcast Mike Lawson Corinna Cornejo

Live interview: Erin Spineto, founding Sea Peptide Adventure Academy


The Sea Peptide Adventure Academy is an 8-week email based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to choose, plan, and execute an adventure and how to use adventure to alleviate the stress of a chronic disease like diabetes.

Erin was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. She has had easy years and hard years. When she ran out of motivation after fighting hard for twelve years, she turned to adventure to provide the motivation she sought starting with a 100-mile solo sail down the Florida Keys. She followed it up by leading the first ever, all type 1 diabetic team to finish the 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West and leading another type 1 team stand up paddling 100-miles up the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina. Erin has been featured in Diabetes Forecast Magazine, Insulin Nation, Diabetes Mine, A Sweet Life, and the Union Tribune.

TuDiabetes Live Interview Erin Spineto, author of Islands and Insulin


Erin Spineto, a UC San Diego graduate and science teacher, works with non-profit Insulindependence in her quest to inspire fellow Type I diabetics to overcome limitations. Determined to challenge herself as a Type I diabetic, she chronicles her solo sailing adventures and the ups and downs of life as a diabetic. She and her husband, Tony, live in San Diego, California with their two children.

Islands and Insulin is the story of a girl, given a boat, one hundred nautical miles of ocean, and way too much caffeine to reflect on how an incorrigible disease has altered her voyage into adulthood, all wrapped inside a diabetes survival manual. It is a cross between the humor of Steve Markley’s Publish This Book, the travel journal of Jimmy Buffett’s A Pirate Looks at Fifty, and the sailing of Pete Goss’s Close to the Wind minus the sixty knot winds, fifty foot waves, below freezing temperatures, and the slick escape from death… hopefully.

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