TuDiabetes Video Chat: Jeffrey Bluestone, Ph.D.

The research in Dr. Bluestone’s laboratory concerns the fundamental events that regulate T-cell activation and development during immune responses to autoantigens and transplantation antigens. The goal of this research is to gain insights which will help in the development of a new generation of toleragenic drugs that will “turn off” selected parts of the immune system, leaving the disease-fighting capabilities intact.
Dr. Bluestone’s lab has also started the JDRF Center for Islet Transplantation, a comprehensive research and clinical program aimed at producing rapid clinical advances in islet transplantation. The center combines cutting-edge programs in both immunobiology and transplant biology with established clinical expertise in islet transplantation and monitoring technology. In addition, they have developed a COLLABORATIVE CENTER FOR CELL THERAPY. The goals of these centers are to develop and exploit novel tolerogenic drugs for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes.

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