TuDiabetes.org videochat with Ruth Roberts and John Walsh, Authors of Pumping Insulin


John Walsh and Ruth Roberts co-authored the book Pumping Insulin, now in its fifth edition. This book is a great resource for folks currently using insulin pump therapy, or considering it.

John Walsh is a Physician Assistant and Diabetes Clinical Specialist who has provided clinical care to thousands of people with diabetes for more than 30 years in a wide variety of clinical settings, including private practice, HMO and university settings.He has pumped for 30 years and has worn almost every insulin pump releaseed during that time. He has also started hundreds of people on pumps and provided their clinical care.

Ruth Roberts, MA, is CEO of Diabetes Services, Inc, Diabetes Mall and Torrey Pines Press, and a widely-read medical writer and editor. She has served as a corporate training administrator, technical writer, and instructional designer for 20 years in San Diego. She has coauthored several books on diabetes, edited a weekly internet newsletter, “Diabetes This Week”, and written numerous articles on Diabetes.

www.diabetesnet.com/dmall/ for getting PI5 at only $19.55, plus they have an e-book version coming the the next week of two!

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