TuDiabetes Live interview with Manny Hernandez and Melissa Lee


On January 15th Manny Hernandez, co-founder of TuDiabetes, announced to the TuDiabetes community that he will be stepping down as President of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, effective April 30, to be succeeded by Melissa Lee as Interim Executive Director. Melissa has already assumed her new role, effective January 15, and we are already benefitting from her wisdom and spirit!!

Melissa was one of the first volunteer admins of TuDiabetes and became our first Lead Administrator, as well. She joined the Board of Directors in 2012 and has served as Secretary to the Board for the past two years. In addition, Melissa is on the steering committee of Diabetes Advocates. You may also know her from her contributions to A Sweet Life, where she is the Tech Editor, and her own blog, Sweetly Voiced.

Join us for a conversation with Manny and Melissa about the leadership transition at Diabetes Hands Foundation, and what it means for TuDiabetes!

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