TuDiabetes Live interview with Gary Scheiner, CDE: April Fools’ "Fact or Fantasy?"

In this talk we’ll focus on diabetes facts and fantasies! Will inhaled insulin replace injections and pumps? Is there a working artificial pancreas system that the FDA is holding back from approval? Can a low carb diet “cure” type 2 diabetes in people who don’t take insulin?
Bring all the rumors, whispers and conjecture you can think of. We’ll discuss what’s fact and what’s fantasy!
Gary is a certified diabetes educator, insulin-pump and continuous glucose monitor user and trainer, and Masters-level exercise physiologist. He serves on the advisory boards of several diabetes device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies; volunteers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association, American Diabetes Association, and Setebaid diabetes camps; and serves on the faculty of Children With Diabetes. Gary teaches and art and science of blood-glucose balancing to people with diabetes throughout the world from his private practice, Integrated Diabetes Services as well as through his online school of higher learning for insulin users, Type 1 University.

Join us on the homepage of TuDiabetes for a live presentation and question-and-answer session with Gary Scheiner, founder of Integrated Diabetes Services and author of Think Like a Pancreas, The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting, and now Until there is a Cure: the Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care.

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