TuDiabetes Awards 2009: Winners


* TuDiabetes Un-Certified Educator: “Her posts are a great combination of personal experience, openness to others’ point of view, and careful research into diabetes issues.”

The winner is MelissaBL:

* TuDiabetes Creative Mind: “Because he is the king of creative videos! I don’t think there is anyone who puts more time and energy into thinking up meaningful topics and addressing them in fun, interesting and informative videos and discussions.”

The winner is 1HappyDiabetic:

* TuDiabetes Geek: “He has the most insightful posts about the technology and science of diabetes and diabetes-related devices. I trust his judgment on these topics and look forward to his contributions.”

The winner is Holger:

* TuDiabetes Comedian: “His cheeky sense of humor, deep and abiding appreciation of 80s music, and willingness to share so others can learn keep me coming back for more of his wit and wisdom. His blogs are sometimes outrageous, always outstanding.”

The winner is Danny:

* TuDiabetes Life Coach: “We love her! Always helpful and right there to pick people up when they’re feeling down. And don’t forget the best hair on the internet!”

The winner is Robyn:

* TuDiabetes Good Eating Fan: “She is a very active and helpful member. She is always giving great advice on low carb eating. She should be your friend.”

The winner is Gerri:

* TuDiabetes Active Lifestyle Fan: “Two years in a row, running the Long Beach marathon; he’s also run two half-marathons. He exercises 30 minutes every day.”

The winner is Terry Keelan:

* TuDiabetes Crusader: “She is an active and inspiring advocate in Canada. She encourages others to advocate for their own personal health. And she encourages them to advocate to help ensure the various systems–diabetes organizations, government, insurance providers, and hospitals–meet the needs of people with diabetes. Plus, she is extremely cheery and nice.”

The winner is Nel Peach:

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