Live Interview with Grace Murphy, 10-year-old Bionic Pancreas trial participant

Grace and her mom, Nancy, will be joining us fresh from Grace’s summer camp for kids with diabetes, where she got to try out the Bionic Pancreas for ONE WEEK!

Grace has had T1D since 2011 and uses an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to manage her diabetes. Ever since she was diagnosed, she has continued to be very active in soccer, dance, and she has even completed two Triathlons and she plans to do more.

The Murphys met Dr. Ed Damiano at the 2014 Children with Diabetes – Friends for Life Conference in Orlando, FL after his wonderfully informative and inspiring presentation on the Bionic Pancreas. Nancy spoke with Dr. Damiano about Grace participating in his upcoming clinical trial for T1D children ages 6-11. Grace very bravely agreed to participate. The trial was scheduled to begin just two weeks later at the Clara Barton Camp in Massachusetts. Grace successfully completed the official screening process then Mama Murphy scrambled to make all the travel arrangements and get Grace enrolled at the camp. (It was a lot of work!)

On July 20th, Nancy dropped Grace off at Camp, where there were about 100 kids at camp, of which 12 girls were in the study. (A study with the boys will be coming up soon at Camp Joslin.)

Nancy also has type 1 diabetes, for almost 45 years, and can speak to the incredible advances in T1D care from the time of her diagnosis to Grace’s test-run of the BP!

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