Live dance class with Fik Shun and Janette Manrara, of So You Think You Can Dance and T2 Dance Crew

July 26th is National Dance Day in the US, and we’re preparing for it with a LIVE dance class on the TuDiabetes home page, featuring famous dancers Fik Shun and Janette Manrara, from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance!

We’ll meet these two incredibly accomplished dancers and learn a short and simple choreography to get us moving! Don’t miss it.

This is a collaboration with the program T2 Dance Crew, a national education and wellness program launched by Janssen Pharmaceuticals together with famed dancer, choreographer, and actress Debbie Allen and the television show So You Think You Can Dance. This program aims to help millions of people with type 2 diabetes tap into the natural joy of dance and add movement to their comprehensive diabetes management approach.

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Uploaded by: Diabetes Hands Foundation
Hosted: youtube

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