#BigBlueTest diabetes grantee: FHADIMAC, Haiti


http://BigBlueTest.org is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation: http://diabeteshandsfoundation.org

iPhone app: http://itun.es/us/E7WbI.i

Between Oct. 14 and Nov. 14, 2013 do the #BigBlueTest. Help yourself. Help others. Join the movement at http://bigbluetest.org

Each entry will be matched by a life-saving donation to groups that help people with diabetes in need get insulin and other diabetes supplies they need to live. One of these groups is FHADIMAC (La Fondation haïtienne de diabète et de maladies cardio-vasculaires). FHADIMAC provides life-saving screenings, supplies and education to people living with diabetes in Haiti (http://www.fhadimac.org). In Haiti, FHADIMAC is the only lifeline for people living with diabetes. They were a grantee in 2012 and again in 2013, they are a grantee.

Over 40,000 people have done the Big Blue Test since 2010. When you participate in the Big Blue Test, not only do you experience a 20% average drop in blood sugar, but a donation is made by the program sponsor to help others around the world with diabetes in need.

The Big Blue Test encourages people with diabetes to test their blood sugar, exercise for 14-20 minutes, test again and share their experience on BigBlueTest.org. For every test, people with diabetes in need receive life-saving supplies through Big Blue Test grants that are awarded to humanitarian diabetes charities in the US and around the world, made possible thanks to the program sponsor.

In the words of FHADIMAC’s founder, Dr. Rene Charles:
“If each person helps another person, the world will change.”

You can help change the world. Do The Big Blue Test. Help yourself. Help others: http://bigbluetest.org

Between October 15 and November 14, do the Big Blue Test. Help yourself. Help others: http://bigbluetest.org

** Director: Sean Ross ‪http://ethosphane.com/‬

** Music: “Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life” by Hammock

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