7 steps to get world leaders to make health history

http://tud4.us/UNSummit | September 19 and 20, 2011, leaders from around the world will meet in the second ever health-centric Summit at the United Nations. In 2001, the first such health summit turned the tide for HIV/AIDS. This summit will be dedicated to NCDs (non-communicable diseases).

Combined, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and chronic respiratory disease (to only name the 4 major NCDs), are the world’s number 1 killer. Approximately 35 million people die from NCDs each year and 14 million of these deaths could be averted or delayed.

This is a HISTORIC opportunity for world leaders to make commitments that could save the lives of tens of millions of people in the coming decade. Go to: http://tud4.us/UNSummit to take action now!

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