TuDiabetes Live interview with Zoe Heineman: Hypoglycemia Awareness Month


NEW YORK, NY, (September 5, 2014) – “Hypoglycemia Awareness,” also known as “Ha!” launches an initiative this month to raise public awareness of severe hypoglycemia, an ongoing risk for people with diabetes. In order to mitigate the safety risk of severe hypoglycemia in public settings, a magenta “G” icon for glucose, was introduced to indicate the presence of treatment. The “G” represents some of the commonly used treatments carried by people with diabetes beginning with a “G” such as: glucose tablets, glucose gels or glucagon in an emergency kit.

Magenta “G” stickers are being distributed by “Hypoglycemia Awareness” during this first Hypoglycemia Awareness Month of September. About the concept of the magenta “G”, Zoe Heineman, the founder of “Ha!” who has Type 1 diabetes said, “To minimize the response time during a medical emergency, we keep this magenta “G” icon over any place where they carry a supply of their own personal glucose treatment. As we begin to adopt the use of the “G,” others around us will know where to look to find a source of treatment when assistance is required.”

Attendees of the interview can receive a free “G” sticker in the mail! Just send your address to the TuDiabetes Community Manager, Emily, after the event 🙂

“Ha!” was founded earlier this year to meet a growing unmet need for understanding of hypoglycemia among the general public. “Ha!” provides training to employer groups and public organizations, such as police departments, on what to look for when someone is experiencing hypoglycemia in public, and how to appropriately respond in order to minimize the interruption it causes.

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