TuDiabetes Live interview with Michael Stevens, "Breaking Down Diabetes"


When Michael Stevens speaks, the Internet listens. Why? That is the very question that transformed Michael’s passion for science and questioning everyday things into an online phenomenon amassing more than 7.7 million subscribers on YouTube®.

Michael is the mastermind behind Vsauce – a wildly popular YouTube® channel with more than 14 million video views per month. The educational channel addresses scientific oddities in a simple, yet compelling and digestible way for his viewers to understand. He is the conceiver, creator, and host of more than 300 videos, including “What Color Is a Mirror?” and “Is Your Red the Same As My Red?”.

Leveraging the public’s desire for cool, interesting facts has resulted in more than 660 million video views on the Vsauce channel, making it one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube®. Vsauce was recognized as one of the fastest growing YouTube® channels in 2012. Additionally, Michael’s innovation and wit was recognized in 2014 with a Webby People’s Voice Award for best news and information.

In addition to his accolades and immense fan base, Michael’s videos have been featured on several well-known news sites, such as the Huffington Post, CBS, and Gizmodo. Michael also works as an in-house consultant for Google to help other video content creators achieve similar success. He holds a degree in neuropsychology and English literature from the University of Chicago.

He recently teamed up with Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care, to develop a video series called “Breaking Down Diabetes.” He was initially drawn to the partnership when he learned that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes, but only 21 million are actually diagnosed. The six-part video series, which covers topics such as “Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes” and “Diabetes by the Numbers,” captures Michael’s infectious and energetic personality as he explains diabetes in a compelling and simple manner to help viewers better understand the importance of incorporating diabetes care into their daily lives.

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