Master Chat: traveling with diabetes


Traveling with diabetes can be challenging! People with diabetes often feel restricted from traveling due to fear of inadequate supply of medications. With proper preparation, however, traveling with large amounts of medication can be accomplished safely. Community pharmacists understand that medications and supplies are expensive, difficult to replace and have travel restrictions. We will discuss what documentation to carry, how to store medications, what to do if you run out while traveling, and precautions when purchasing medications in another country.

Dana Schaeffer-Cherashore, RPH, is a community pharmacist who practices in the Philadelphia area. She earned her pharmacy degree from the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY, and completed her pharmacy internship at the Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Dana promotes the community pharmacy as a setting that can add value to a person’s diabetes care.

The Master Chat Series is an annual collaboration between TuDiabetes and Teacher’s College Columbia University’s Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management program. This 36-credit inter-professional master’s program is offered to clinicians who are currently in or interested in the diabetes field. As part of a course requirement, students present ‘Master Chats’ on a variety of topics they have chosen based on discussions taking place in the TuDiabetes community. Master Chats include a short presentation followed by a Q and A, and are an opportunity not only for TuDiabetes members to learn from students in this program, but also to give feedback to them in an effort to help them be the best care-givers they can be!

TuDiabetes Live interview with Dr. David Kerr: Traveling Safely with Diabetes

Dr. Kerr was formerly the Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre in the United Kingdom, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, and Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and for a number of years has held a Gold Clinical Excellence Award from the UK National Health Service (NHS).

In April 2014 Dr. Kerr will assume a new position as Research Director at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute. In this capacity Dr. Kerr will lead the diabetes research activities of the Institute, including research in artificial pancreas and pregnancy complicated by diabetes, two areas for which the Institute is internationally distinguished. In addition, Dr. Kerr will continue to pursue his research in the application of technology for diabetes care and the use of new methods of communications, including social media, to reduce the day-to-day decision-making burden for people living with diabetes, wherever they live.

Dr. Kerr is and will continue as Editor of Diabetes Digest in the UK and board member of the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. Recently he has also created free online resources, and, the former dedicated to travel and diabetes and the latter focusing on exercise and insulin, as well as launching a smartphone app for people with diabetes complicated by painful neuropathy. Currently, Dr. Kerr is also working with the Diabetes Technology Society to create a certification program for health care professionals from outside of the US in the area of diabetes and technology.

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