TuDiabetes Live Interview with Carol and Mark Atkinson, Insulin for Life


Carol Atkinson is the Program Coordinator for Insulin for Life

USA. She also serves as President of Hope on the Move, a not-for-profit that provides international medical and dental relief. For this latter effort, she has overseen the travel of over 300 medical and dental professionals, on approximately 20 foreign and domestic mission trips, over the last 12 years.

Mark Atkinson is currently an Eminent Scholar for Diabetes Research at The University of Florida. The author of over 300 publications, Dr. Atkinson is beginning his 29th year of investigation into the field of type 1 diabetes. Dr. Atkinson is an internationally recognized authority on multiple aspects pertaining to type 1 diabetes, with particular interests in disease prediction and prevention, the role for environment in the initiation of the disease, stem cells and pancreatic regeneration, pancreatic pathology, clinical trials seeking to prevent or reverse the disease, and the identification of markers of tolerance and immunoregulation.

Dr. Atkinson has been active in encouraging improvements in diabetes care and management in third world nations whose access to insulin and other materials/education are limited. Beyond this, Dr. Atkinson started a foundation for humanitarian causes, primarily related to providing medical and dental care to third world. In addition, he is an international advisor to Life for a Child and serves as the President of Insulin for Life USA, an organization dedicated to providing insulin to third world individuals who do not have access to insulin.

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