Live interview with David Edelman, Founder of Diabetes Daily and co-author of Thriving with Diabetes

David Edelman is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and advocate with a passion for helping people live healthier, happier and more hope-filled lives. He created Diabetes Daily, another leading diabetes online community, and serves as Director of Product Strategy at LabStyle Innovations, creators of Dario, a smartphone-powered blood glucose meter and diabetes management platform. He is also a past Board Member of the Diabetes Hands Foundation and member of the Board of Advisors.

Thriving with Diabetes, co-authored by David Edelman and Paul Rosman, is an easy-to-follow guide that empowers you to live better – and enjoy life on your terms. It all begins with a powerful 4-step process that helps simplify diabetes, balance your blood sugars, and put you on the path to lifelong success. You’ll learn how to intuitively understand your blood sugars and what causes both good and not-so-good numbers. This proactive approach results in the ability to take charge of diabetes personally, not just by a set of notes from the doctor.

Step 1: Lower the Highs

Step 2: Limit the Lows

Step 3: Use Your Best to Fix the Rest

Step 4: Play with Your Diabetes

Thriving with Diabetes walks through the daily challenges of physical activity, stress, pain, sleep patterns, and other life events that have a major, but under-appreciated, impact on blood sugar trends. You’ll also pinpoint your favorite meals and activities and use them as multipliers of success–focusing on the positive rather than the negative. The result is immediate and satisfying improvements to total health, both physically and mentally!