Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

So far, you’ve had diabetes; it hasn’t had you. You’ve been watching what you eat, making time for physical activity, taking meds, checking your blood sugar, checking your blood sugar again. But then something takes the wind out of your sails. Maybe you’ve been trying hard but not seeing results. Or you developed a health problem related to diabetes in spite of your best efforts.

When you feel discouraged and frustrated, you may slip into unhealthy habits, stop monitoring your blood sugar, even skip doctor’s appointments. It happens to many—if not most—people with diabetes, often after years of good management. You’re in the land of diabetes burnout. How can you get back to healthy living as soon as possible?

Get Your Team Involved

Call on your primary care doctor, eye doctor, podiatrist, dietitian, diabetes educator—anyone and everyone—to help you refocus on your goals. It’s easier for you to see what’s not working instead of what you’re doing right. Your team can remind you of the progress you’ve made and help you with new ideas and strategies.

Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good

Perfect blood sugar control isn’t necessary and may not even be possible. And sometimes seeing the little picture is better than the big one. Try taking small steps—such as lowering your A1c by 1%—instead of focusing on big goals. You’re still headed in the same direction, but you’ll have more successes along the way.

Connect with People Who Get You

Tap into encouragement, insights, and support from people who’ve been there.