TuDiabetes Live Interview with Dr. Christopher Jacobs, Ph.D.


Christopher Jacobs holds a PhD in Bio-medical Engineering, pioneering early work in cardiac pacemakers, renal dialysis, and advanced methods of evaluating the effectiveness and usability of a wide variety of medical equipment. He holds over 40 patents, all designed to improve people’s lives. At the pleadings of a good friend with T2 diabetes, who had lost tactile sensation, Dr. Jacobs began research on a device that could effectively and reliably draw blood from both alternate sites and fingers, completely without pain. He reasoned that if he could accomplish that goal, those with diabetes would test more often, and improve their health. In 2012, he formed Genteel LLC, and in June of 2014, Genteel, the “gentle lancing instrument” was on the market. Mission accomplished!

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