TuDiabetes Live Interview with Dr. Shai Gozani, Founder and CEO of Neurometrix


Dr. Shai Gozani founded NeuroMetrix in 1996 and currently serves as Chairman of the board of directors and as our President and Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to forming the company, Dr. Gozani completed a neurophysiology research fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Gerald Fischbach at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Gozani has published articles in the areas of basic and clinical neurophysiology, biomedical engineering and computational chemistry.

The SENSUS Pain Management System, developed by Neurometrix, is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator designed for people with diabetes and chronic pain. It is worn on one or both legs and is activated by simply pressing a button. SENSUS provides pain relief by stimulating the nerves that carry normal, non-painful sensations to the brain. Stimulation of these nerves changes the levels of certain natural chemicals in the nervous system that decrease pain.

Join us to learn more about this technology, now available to people with diabetes who experience painful neuropathy.

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