Master Chat: Metformin and Its Effects on the Cardiovascular System


Metformin is often prescribed in the treatment of diabetes, but it does more than lower blood glucose levels. Dr. Peng will discuss the cardiovascular benefits of metformin, in order to provide a deeper understanding of this useful medication.

Dr. Jonathan Peng is a non-invasive cardiologist in Northern California and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. After a brief career in aerospace engineering, he attended medical school at Indiana University and subsequently did his post graduate training at UCLA. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, General Cardiology, Echocardiography, Cardiovascular CT, and Nuclear Cardiology. His current interests include preventive cardiology and he has a grant to study outcomes related to statin use and cardiovascular disease. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and travel photography with his wife and daughter.

The Master Chat Series is an annual collaboration between TuDiabetes and Teacher’s College Columbia University’s Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management program. This 36-credit inter-professional master’s program is offered to clinicians who are currently in or interested in the diabetes field. As part of a course requirement, students present ‘Master Chats’ on a variety of topics they have chosen based on discussions taking place in the TuDiabetes community. Master Chats include a short presentation followed by a Q and A, and are an opportunity not only for TuDiabetes members to learn from students in this program, but also to give feedback to them in an effort to help them be the best care-givers they can be!

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