Live Interview: Introducing inControl, by TypeZero

The folks at TypeZero have created a suite of products that aim to significantly reduce the burden of blood sugar management for people with diabetes.  They include inControl, which is a smartphone-based artificial pancreas solution that automatically controls insulin delivery, inControl Advice, which is a mobile-based advisory system that generates real-time recommendations for meals, basal rates, bolus calculations and exercise decisions, and inControl Cloud, an analytics and support system that can provide the resources you need as life changes.

We’ll be speaking with 3 members of the TypeZero team:

Patrick Keither-Hynes is a Founder and CTO of TypeZero.  Previously he was an Assistant Research Professor at the UVA’s Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT).  He is the creator of the Diabetes Assistant (DiAs) Artificial Pancreas platform used in more than 15 clinical trials since 2008.  Prior to UVA, Patrick founded Brooktrout Technology, a manufacturer of advanced telecommunication  hardware and software products.  Patrick holds a PhD in Physics from UVA, an MA from Columbia University and a BSc from MIT.

Molly McElwee-Malloy is a nurse and diabetes educator with professional experience diabetes at UVA’s Diabetes Education Management Program, UVA’s Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT), American Association of Diabetes Educators, College Diabetes Network, and the Charlottesville Free Clinic telemedicine program.  Molly has 17 years of experience living with type 1 diabetes. She has been a participant, a study coordinator and researcher involved with artificial pancreas trials with the CDT.

Chad Rogers is a Founder and CEO of TypeZero.  He is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive background in the development of start-up companies both as an investor, management team member and consultant across a number of high tech sectors. Chad has led and worked for a number successful medical technology and software companies including Hemosonics, AMP3D, Global Emergency Group, Aliph/Jawbone, Axiomatic and InterTrust Technologies.  Chad also has a background in venture capital and private equity investing (Fundamental Capital, Maywick Capital). Chad has an MBA from Haas/UC Berkeley and a degree in Commerce from the McIntire School at UVA.

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