Live interview: Fit2Me Diet and Lifestyle Support Program for People with Type 2 Diabetes, by AstraZeneca

Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Susan LaRue will join us to present and discuss the Fit2Me diet and lifestyle coaching program.  Susan works for AstraZeneca, where she brings a deep knowledge of clinical, behavioral, patient, and healthcare professional perspectives to the development of tools to manage diabetes.

Fit2Me, a program created and run by AstraZeneca, is the only diabetes diet and lifestyle support program to offer the guidance and encouragement of “digital coaches” who help users through the process and celebrating successes along the way. Utilizing an interactive gaming platform to design and implement their personalized plans, people make meal and exercise choices and tradeoffs custom fit to their preferences. In addition, no other diabetes support program has as robust a recipe and activity database as Fit2Me, with more than 10,000 diabetes-friendly recipes and over 500 physical activities and exercises.

Fit2Me focuses on four key areas of diabetes management – food, activity, support team and treatment support.

  • Food – Fit2Me has a database of more than 10,000 diabetes-friendly recipes, based on criteria from the American Diabetes Association. After providing their likes and dislikes when it comes to cuisine and ingredients, individuals receive their own customized recipe selections allowing them to pick a single meal or create a weekly meal plan.
  • Activity – Fit2Me has a database of more than 500 physical activities and focused exercises, most of which have videos with step-by-step instructions. Users can customize a personal activity program based on their activity level and preferences, with exercises covering lifestyle, cardio, strength and flexibility.
  • Support Team – Fit2Me offers each user a digital coach, whose responses to questions help plan and celebrate successes. The program offers users the opportunity to select from a number of digital coaches to ensure they’re paired with the one that is best-suited to motivate them.
  • Treatment Support – Fit2Me offers treatment and appointment reminders, blood sugar trackers, and a personalized treatment kit that includes information about type 2 diabetes and treatment options from AstraZeneca that they can discuss with their doctor.

Read more about the launch of Fit2Me.

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