Diabetes in Relationships, with Daniele Hargenrader


Daniele Hargenrader, AKA the Diabetes Dominator, is the bestselling author of Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, available on Amazon.

Daniele is a nutritionist, diabetes health coach, certified personal trainer, and YouTube interview series hostess. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1991 and is now an active diabetes advocate. Daniele ballooned up to 200 pounds a few years after her diagnosis and the unexpected and sudden death of her father three years later. She also battled deep depression and a binge eating addiction that lasted more than six years. Through these adversities, she eventually took herself from obese to athlete, and now shows others how to do the same through her Six Pillars of Total Health system.

She is an international speaker, has presented at Fortune 100 companies and top-ranked hospitals and universities. Daniele’s passion in life is teaching people how to create the quality of health and life they’ve always imagined. See more from Daniele at http://diabetesdominator.com

A few sentences about diabetes and relationships: I always say that the most important relationship we all have is the one we have with ourselves! Self-love and appreciation are the most crucial factors that determine whether or not we have a harmonious relationship with both our own diabetes and with other people. Love starts from within and radiates outward into all of our other relationships!


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