Brothers Klemen and Luka Zupancic Share Easycarb!

What is Easycarb?

Easycarb is the first complete solution for tracking carbohydrates, intended to make the process simple, accurate and efficient. It consists of a powerful app combined with a dedicated portable Bluetooth scale, which together automatically determine the exact amount of carbohydrate in a given meal, calculates corresponding insulin doses and logs everything for easy access at all times. It is intended to make carb counting accurate, fun and engaging for everyone.

Where are we right now?

The Easycarb project is already in motion, and founders Klemen and Luka Zupancic have all the blueprints for production ready. They are currently looking for potential strategic partnerships or investments from like-minded organizations, companies and individuals from the field of diabetes innovations to help finalize the product and bring it to the market.

About Klemen and Luka

Brothers Klemen and Luka Zupancic are researchers in the field of biomedicine and regenerative medicine, and founded Easycarb in November 2013.

Klemen and Luka have both been involved with diabetes as part of their academic pursuits, which led them to develop a mutual interest in the condition. They started focusing their efforts towards diabetes research and participating in various workshops and courses about diabetes management as volunteers, where they got the opportunity to talk with people living with diabetes and listen to the challenges they face every day. It was not long until they realized that something was very wrong with the current standard for counting and tracking carbohydrates. This process is crucial for maintaining short-term and long-term health when it comes to diabetes, yet it is extremely outmoded, inconvenient and inefficient, and has remained virtually unchanged for decades.

As researchers, Klemen and Luka always relied on scientific fact when it came to the work they did. When recent global studies and clinical trials revealed the importance of good carbohydrate management and the role it plays in the management of diabetes, there was no more doubt in their minds; they decided to modernize the process of tracking carbs and make it simple and effective, so everyone could do it right. They wanted to create change, and Easycarb is their way to do it.


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