Bennet Dunlap presents DPAC, Making Diabetes Advocacy Easy!


Bennet Dunlap has teamed with Christel Aprigliano to create the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition, or DPAC, for short. We get it. Diabetes is a pain to deal with already. Diabetes advocacy is often thought to be too time-consuming. Easy diabetes advocacy means DPAC will do the time-consuming work for you. DPAC will keep track of who your elected officials are, which official is on what committee, issues that have the potential to hurt or benefit our community, what bills will make a difference in our lives, who has cosponsored what bill and more. From there, DPAC presents easy actions you can take in order to make your voice heard as a person with diabetes, who cares about the safety, access, and quality medical treatment for our community. DPAC will make it easy to act.

Bennet is a dad from outside Philly. Two of his four kids have lived with type 1 diabetes for more than a decade each. He currently manages his type 2 with a bicycle and metformin. After a career in banking, Bennet earned a masters in health communication specifically to advocate for people with diabetes. He has helped create a number of diabetes social media efforts including Spare A Rose,StripSafely, Drinking with Diabetes writes the blog Your Diabetes May Vary.

Learn what issues DPAC is focusing on now, and how you can get involved!

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