TuDiabetes Live interview with Eliot LeBow, Psychotherapist working with PWD

Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE has lived with type 1 diabetes since 1977 and is a specialist in Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy. He has a thriving psychotherapy practice in New York City and online via Skype Session’s. LeBow, treats the many diverse cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs of people living with, Type I and Type II Diabetes.

As a presenter, Mr. LeBow has presented on the emotional issues facing people with diabetes for multiple diabetes organizations including The Joslin Research Center, JDRF, ADA and the AADE at their annual conferences. In his free time, he founded and presently runs DiabeticTalks, a large online platform designed to help people living with diabetes.

Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach combining traditional talk therapy with diabetes education and management help. It addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of living life with diabetes while still addressing other non-diabetes related life problems to create a unique holistic approach to help people with diabetes thrive.

“My goal is to help people manage the physical and emotional aspects of living with diabetes. My passion lies in helping people with diabetes live a capable, powerful life—with less suffering, and filled with all the joy of the human experience.”