TuDiabetes Live interview with Steven, Devon and Grasshopper, creators of #NoPricks


Prometheon Pharma launched it’s #NoPricks campaign in order to help bring it’s needle-free insulin delivery patch to market. Here’s their mission statement:

At Prometheon, we foresee persons with diabetes no longer needing to inject themselves daily with insulin. We envision vaccines that will not spoil in hot climates and can be administered easily, painlessly, and inexpensively to impoverished children in developing countries. We imagine once-weekly drug patches for mental health disorders and chronic diseases that maximize adherence to prescribed therapy by greatly simplifying drug regimens. We dream of fields and streams absent of medical waste because biodegradable products and manufacturing processes are created to protect the fragile ecosystems on our planet. Above all, we believe advances in drug delivery and new drug discovery can be made accessible to everyone in the world. At Prometheon, we are devoted to our mission and promise to advance global health equity and improve human existence through the pursuit and translation of scientific discovery.

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