TuDiabetes Live Interview with Nwaokoro Joakin Chidozie, treating PWD in Nigeria


Nwaokoro Joakin Chidozie has a BS in nursing and an MS in public health from the University of Malta. He has been a lecturer in the department of Public Health, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria since 2008. Joakin also studied diabetes at Roethampton University in London England with the sponsorship of Federation of European Nurses on Diabetes (FEND), and is currently finishing his PhD thesis on “Epidemiology, Distribution and Socioeconomic Impact of Type 2 Diabetes in Imo State, Nigeria”. He has worked in the field of nursing in Malta, New York, Toronto, Canada and London England.

Joakin founded an NGO called “Hammer Home the Glucose”, which operates with over one hundred volunteers. Their main focuses are women and children with diabetes, diabetes and hypertension screening and gestational diabetes in rural areas of Nigeria. This organization has given hope to this vulnerable group of people who would have died as a result of diabetes. This hope is substantiated by the unwavering donation of Insulin from Insulin for Life USA and of Australia. They are currently negotiating for further help with Life For A Child program for insulin donation.

Recently, Hammer Home the Glucose was hit hard by the loss of a young student who died as a result of Diabetic Ketoacidosis because she could not access insulin on time. As a result of this loss, the organization has begun screening students from different universities who are identified as high risk. Their main challenge in this effort is a lack of glucometers, test strips and other accessories.

Joakin himself has type 2 diabetes.

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