Live interview with Simon Carter, PredictBGL

Simon is the Founder of PredictBGL, a powerful mobile platform for safer diabetes. PredictBGL was born from his own experience as a long-term Type 1 (1988), and as the parent of a Type 1 child (September 2007). He was led to create PredictBGL by his need to predict his daughter’s blood sugars overnight, his desire to monitor his daughter’s blood sugars while at school, and his (frugal Scottish ancestry coming to the fore) aim to have dose calculation and insulin on board tracking – without a pump. The integrated prediction concept was recognised at Stanford’s DiabetesMine conference, and it was recently accepted into the 500 Startups pre-accelerator in San Francisco.

An outspoken diabetes thought leader and serial entrepreneur, Simon previously founded DataMystic, a data mining and data conversion software company. Simon is also CEO of DownloadPipe, a Tier 1 software download site.

Simon has an double degree with Honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Monash University.

PredictBGL is the only consumer diabetes management platform available where users can simply and easily log glucose, food, exercise and factors, calculate insulin (if required), and instantly see the effect on their future blood sugars. PredictBGL uses predictive analytics and visualization to deliver actionable data driven insights for dose changes, hypo predictions, delayed eating suggestions, meal sizes, food Glycaemic Indexes and more. It is the only app to predict blood sugars, the only app to include fat and protein in dose calculation, and the only app to share more than just blood sugars.

It is designed for people with Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5, LADA, Gestational and Pre-diabetes, and diabetes caregivers. The web portal gives access to Health Care Professionals.

PredictBGL is available for free download in the App Store shortly, in Google Play.

TuDiabetes Live Interview With Jeff Dachis founder of One Drop

Jeff is the CEO and Founder of OneDrop, a simple, powerful and convenient mobile platform for managing diabetes, born from his own experience as a newly diagnosed Type 1 LADA (September 2013). His desire to bring the quantified self movement, internet of things, big data and mobile computing to people with diabetes in a simple, fully integrated solution led him to create One Drop – which won “Best Design” at the LAUNCH 2015 Festival.

A digital visionary and serial entrepreneur, Jeff previously co-founded and served as CEO and chairman of Razorfish, the the world’s largest digital marketing solutions firm. Jeff was also CEO and founder of Dachis Group, a big-data social analytics and consulting firm, acquired by Sprinklr in 2014.

Jeff has a MA from NYU, and a double Liberal Arts degree from SUNY Purchase.

One Drop is the only consumer diabetes management platform available for people with Type 1, Type 2, pre-diabetes, or diabetes caregivers that enables users to simply and easily log the core behavioral and biometric components of diabetes (Glucose, Food, Insulin, and Physical Activity) in one place, and anonymously share that information with a community of likeminded people, delivering actionable data driven insights to everyone on the platform. One Drop is available for free download in the Apple iOS App Store.

TuDiabetes Live Interview with Yishai Knobel Co-Founder and CEO of

Yishai Knobel is co-founder and CEO of HelpAround, the mobile safety net and peer support platform for people with chronic conditions.

Most recently, Yishai built the mobile-health business at Boston-based AgaMatrix, maker of iBGStar iPhone glucose monitor which is marketed today worldwide by Sanofi.

Before Agamatrix Yishai worked at Ray Ozzie’s Microsoft Startup Labs and prior to that he served 8 years in R&D leadership roles in the Israeli Army (captain). He has a BA in psychology and Computer Science, and MBA from the MIT Sloan school.

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