About Us

TuDiabetes is a space on the Web where people with diabetes or their loved ones can find support, help each other and share their experiences and what they do every day to stay healthy with this condition.

TuDiabetes offers blogs entries, we exchange ideas in the discussion forum, and we ask those hard and troublesome questions about our diabetes management. It is our hope that people with diabetes in any of its types, newly diagnosed or veterans, mothers with gestational diabetes as well as parents of children with diabetes, regardless of nationality, to join and form part of this fruitful exchange that technology provides us.

TuDiabetes is a program of Beyond Type 1.

Beyond Type 1 is a new brand of philanthropy leveraging the power of social media and technology, changing what it means to live with a chronic disease. By educating the global community about this disease, as well as providing resources and support for those living with diabetes, we will bridge the gap from diagnosis to cure, empowering people to both live well today and to fund a better tomorrow.

Welcome to TuDiabetes!

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